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Performing Arts School of Classical Ballet – 2016 – Preview

Dance is a wonderful form of art and it is a privilege that we enjoy each year to capture PASCB's annual performance recital.

4 Proches – Home by Phillip Phillips

A sibling band that plays bluegrass, folk, and recent hits? Yes, we'll take the 4 Proches!

TTHA’s Bucks & BBQ – 2011 Inaugural Cookoff Event

While employed as a resident shooter/editor at TTHA, we enjoyed hosting the first inaugural TTHA Bucks and BBQ event on the grounds of the Shriner Auditorium in San Antonio. If you've never been to a cookout event like this one, be prepared to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of protein available for sampling!

Hell on Heels – Exit 505

This might be one of Exit 505's more enthusiastic numbers. Find more videos of the band at!

KERRVILLE ALIVE! – City of Kerrville

It was a lot of work but it ended being one of the most interesting projects I've ever tackled! Kerrville has much to offer and with less than two minutes of video, there's no time to really do the city justice.

More Than A Transaction – Mark Hubbard Ranch Properties

I had the great privilege of working with these gentlemen in producing this video a few years ago. Their dedication to their customers and to excellence in all that they do was clearly visible and made me wish I could buy a ranch with them! Check them out at

Renegade Distillery – Kickstarter video

Getting to know Rick and his special affinity for distilling the finest moonshines and whiskeys was an unexpected bonus while producing this video!